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Create TikTok ads in bulk from a spreadsheet, pull data from TikTok Ads Manager straight to spreadsheets, send perfromance updates to Slack and analyze creative performance with our visual reports.

  • TikTok Creative Reporting

    Create a beautiful visual creative report in GoogleSheets, combining an automated data export straight from your TikTok accounts with a screenshot library.

  • Automated Data Exports

    Import perfromance data straight from TikTok Ads Manager into Google Spreadsheets. Build custom TikTok reports the way you and your team want it.

  • Zero-friction campaign setup

    A lot can go wrong: From typos in URLs to suddenly broken landing pages to an extra "0" in the budget. Humans make mistakes when setting up ads - let help you catch and remedy mistakes.

Designed to save time for paid social teams

Running many TikTok ad accounts requires time and resources, which you’d much rather spend on creative brainstorming or a testing strategy. Imagine all ad operations automated - from performance analytics to creative reporting.

  • Create 100+ ads from a spreadsheet with a click

    Running many creative tests? Prepare all your ads in one place and save hours on manual ad creation in TikTok Ads Manager.

  • Upload media straight into Facebook ad accounts

    Using Google Drive to store your creative assets? Upload all videos and images straight into your Facebook ad accounts

  • Set up automated creative reports

    Share data with your creative team. Kitchn takes screenshots of your TikTok ads and puts them in a visually appealing creative report based on Google Sheets. If you can manage a spreadsheet, you can 100% manage our report.

  • Get notified if your TikTok ad was disapproved

    It might take you some hours to notice that a TikTok ad was disaproved. Don't waste time and get notified immeditely in your Slack

  • Integrate with Slack, Google Drive ,and Sheets

    No need to onboard your team on the new software. With Kitchn, you can continue using your favorite tools smarter.

  • Send Slack notifications if things go not as planned

    If the CTRs are dropping and the CPAs are rising, you will be immediately notified. Receive notifications straight in your Slack instead of missing them in Tiktok Ads Manager

  • Set up automated TikTok data exports

    Schedule data refreshes for your spreadsheet reports with a couple of clicks. With Kitchn, you will never have to copy and paste data from Ads Manager ever again.

  • Leverage your custom data

    Use the data that truly measures the success of your marketing efforts through spreadsheets or via an API

Learn how our customers automate their Tiktok ads

Most customers use because they value time and try to get the maximum out of every decision. That’s why creating headspace is important to allow enough power to focus on what matters. Here are some facts about advertisers who use to automate ad operations.

  • 25 hours/week

    saved creating TikTok ads in bulk

  • 70%

    more creative tests are being conducted compared to advertisers who test ads manually

  • x5

    faster reviews are requested if an ad got disapproved

  • 20%

    increase in employee satisfaction due to less monkey-tasks

Jon, CEO @

With, our team spends significantly more time on higher-cognitive tasks that boost our value chain and average quality of ads we deliver to our clients.


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