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Save money on poor-performing adsets, scale good ones, and take advantage of every opportunity to spend more when you hit your targets.

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How does it work?


Integrate with any data source

Rules for campaign management are only helpful when they are based on accurate data. With, you can set up action rules based on whatever data source you use to optimize your campaigns. Seamlessly integrate between platforms to achieve a new level of automation.


Set up custom rules & triggers

Make changes to your ads or campaigns programmatically based on your custom KPIs and data sources. When cost per results increase beyond your targets, automatically decrease your bids or budget, or increase bids, when delivery does not pick up.


Automate any action

Dreaming of automated campaign optimization? will scale your campaign budgets based on your data, conditions, and targets. Alternatively, you can receive notifications about performance developments to make informed decisions without going through a lengthy optimization process.

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Increase efficiency of campaign management with automation

Automation processes
  •’s Automated Scaling solution is designed to help marketers with the most critical task - scaling and optimizing their ad campaigns. Stay ahead of the competition and never miss an opportunity to scale.
  • You don't have to adjust your bids or budgets manually. Instead, Kitchn will analyze your campaigns, adsets, and ads daily and change or pause them based on performance.
  • Using multiple data sources to optimize your campaigns?’s Automated Scaling solution is designed for scaling your campaigns, adsets, and ads based on any data set. Bring your data together in and set up rules & triggers based on your unique data.


faster campaign mangement


data-driven decison-making

10 hours

saved optimising ads each week

Scale your paid social ad campaigns automatically

Automate Campaign management

Humans make mistakes, but systems don't. Move away from ad-hoc campaign management based on gut feeling and build a path to success through robust data, repeatable, scalable processes, and automation.

Pause ads that don’t work

Poor-performing ads hurt your ROI and campaign budget. Create custom rules and triggers to automatically pause bad ads, update bids and budgets, or receive informative notifications about new ad campaign developments.

Leverage your custom data

You can set up rules to automate any campaign optimization action based on your business logic and internal best practices. doesn't use “black-box” algorithms or “hack the algorithm.” Instead, you set the logic, we implement it 24/7.

Automatically scale best ads

Instead of constantly checking your ads, set up rule-based triggers to duplicate ads into pre-selected adsets and campaigns after they have proven themselves. Rest assured, you will never again miss an opportunity to scale!

Bloom used several Kitchn recipes, which decreased the amount of manual campaign creation and optimization by 95%. Using Automated Scaling Recipes allowed the brand to duplicate ads from creative testing to actual campaigns based on a cusom rule set. As soon as the winning ads from the test were identified, uploaded them to 'always-on' campaigns within minutes. Every week the team saved a couple of hours on campaign analysis and manual optimization.

Taylor, Head of Growth @Bloom

“ is my marketing team's superpower. Hiring somebody who can do what can do would have taken months, but now we have world-class tools at our fingertips, without eating into the cost of our media spend”.

Taylor, Head of Growth @Bloom

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