Automated Scaling

Easily manage more campaigns & accounts

Set up rules based on any data set, allowing you to automate any action.

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What if you could systematically automate every single task you do? Workflow Sample

Why you'll love it...

Head with workflow inside

Gain headspace for tasks that really need your attention

Automate all the work that computers are better designed to do than humans and focus on higher cognitive tasks that need human input.

Timing automation before executions

Take action 24/7 according to your rules

No blackbox algorithms! Set up rules to automate any task based on your business logic and internal best practices.

Automating multiple processes

Systemization -> Automation

Move away from ad-hoc decision-making based on gut feeling and build a path to success through repeatable, scalable processes and automation.

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Right and wrong result on checks

Set up rules & triggers

Match your own decision-making by setting up rules and triggers to take action when you would 24/7.

Automating multiple social media channels

Automate any action

Don't stop at pausing ads, changing bids and budgets. Duplicate ads across campaigns or even accounts, send custom notifications - what else?

Data conecting to Facebook and Google Sheets

Leverage your own data

Use the data that truly measures the success of your Marketing effort through spreadsheets or via API.

Spend more time on what matters

Spend more time on what matters

We help agencies and brands to save hundreds of hours, avoid mistakes and gain headspace for the tasks that truly deserve human attention: Developing Creatives, working on strategy or improving your own processes and systems.

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