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Set up rule-based automations from any data source that monitor your KPIs 24/7. When an action is needed, Kitchn.io does the job or notifies you instantly via Slack.

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Unlock the Power of Rule-Based Automations

Kitchn.io’s solution is designed for managing your campaigns, adsets, and ads based on any data set. Bring your data together in Kitchn.io and set up rules & triggers based on your unique data.


Faster ad optimization


Automated reporting


Data-driven decison-making

Seamless Data Integration

Ensure your ad management decisions are as accurate as they can be. With Kitchn.io, connect effortlessly to any data source and conduct optimisations based absolute, custom or relative KPIs.

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Set Up Custom Rules and Triggers

Set up custom rules and triggers based on your unique KPIs. Whether you need to decrease bids when costs rise or pump up the budget for new best-performer ads, Kitchn.io has got you covered.

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Take action 24/7

Let Kitchn.io automatically scale or decrease your budgets based on your custom conditions and targets. Or get real-time Slack notifications for quick, informed decisions.

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We integrate into your existing workflow

We integrate with a wide range of tools you already use and love. From Google Sheets and Drive to Monday.com, make Kitchn.io a natural extension of your daily operations.

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Supported Across Multiple Ad Platforms

Kitchn.io's Bulk Ad Upload solution seamlessly supports Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat ads.


Trusted by Industry leaders

"I was truly impressed by Kitchn.io's customer service within Slack, and their ability to create custom setups and integrations. The speed and proficiency with which they catered to our additional automation needs left me in awe!"


Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Taylor - Co-CEO & Co-Founder @Kynship

Learn how industry leaders automate their ad operations

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Hours saved creating ads

Fluent is a leader in customer acquisition for global brands across a wide array of industries.

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Effortlessly Testing 100+ Ads Weekly

Vshred, one of the most well-known brands in the fitness industry, faced a common challenge in paid social marketing: managing an ever-growing volume of paid social campaigns without sacrificing quality or efficiency. The team was searching for a solution that could efficiently manage the high volume of ads while remaining adaptable enough to fit Vshred's specific needs and existing workflows.

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Creative testing through automation 3x

Facing rapid growth and an increasing need for efficient ad operations, PetLab Co. turned to Kitchn.io's automation solutions. This case study explores how they quadrupled creative testing, reduced manual ad tasks by 50%, and automated 90% of their ad reporting.

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Creative reporting automated 90%

Celebrate Company, a multi-brand team, has seen substantial growth in their Paid Social campaigns across platforms like Meta and Pinterest.