Basic and Pro features

Free up your time from repetitive tasks by automating them with our recipe sets especially designed for Facebook Ad Specialists.


29 €
per month

  • 1 User
    1 Project
    5 Ad Accounts
  • Basic Recipes
    Interests Explorer, Custom Audience Creator, Pixel Monitor, UTM Parameter Monitor, Pixel Tracking, CTA Button Monitor… and more
  • Daily Scheduling
    Up to 100 Automations


89 €
per month
(more projects, users etc. charged additionally)
  • 3 Users
    5 Projects
    15 Ad Accounts
  • Basic + Pro Recipes
    Ad Insights Anomaly Monitor, Audience Info Exporter, Ads Grammar Check, Media Library Bulk Uploader, Settings Exporter… and more
  • Hourly Scheduling
    Up to 1000 Automations


from 899 €
per month
contact us at
  • On request
    On request
    On request
  • Basic Recipes
    Pro Recipes
    Custom tailored recipes to automate complex workflows
  • Flexible Scheduling
    Unlimited Automations
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