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Stop wasting time with repetitive, time-consuming tasks and gain headspace with Automate everything from campaign management to creative testing and more.

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Free headspace for what's important makes it possible to manage multiple accounts to save hours of time and avoid mistakes that come with manual ad operations. Our platform is perfect for agencies, brands, and advertisers with many accounts or ads to create and manage.


more creative testing


Lower cost per ad created


higher employee satisfaction


faster ad optimization


lower risk of ad errors

Automate, track and test your social media operations - the easy way


Test your ads 10x faster allows you to effortless upload ads in bulk on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and Snapchat. Now you can stop uploading ads manually and start focusing on generating fresh, impactful ideas.

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Improved testing workflow


Avoid costly errors

Leave the 404 landing pages and technical errors in the past. With our quality assurance automations, you can check your ads setup after you publish them, avoiding mistakes like missing UTMs, wrong targeting, missed optimizations, and skyrocketing CPAs. Your ads will be checked and adjusted according to your rules 24/7, so you can take a break.

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Error prevention workflow


Boost productivity streamlines your daily ad management, making it possible to review performance, adjust budgets, and pause underperforming ads—all without manual intervention. Our platform integrates seamlessly with Google Sheets, Monday, and Slack, allowing you to centralise all ad data and updates. This means you can cut the time spent on daily operations in half, and redirect your focus towards strategy and innovation.

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Kitchn productivity integration

Bring your work tools to

Connect your favorite apps to to enjoy an uninterrupted flow of data from one system to another.

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Tools is for you if you want to


Scale Efficiently

You want to manage more ads with the same resources

Prioritize Strategy

You aim to allocate more time to projects that truly make a difference.
Time saving

Save time

Time-saving on ad operations is a priority for you.


Test and learn faster

"This year, our paid social efforts grew 250% YoY, thanks to consistent testing and new operational efficiencies. Of course, has played a big part in that!"


Director of Paid Social

Caleb - Director of Paid Social @Fluent

Set for scale

"I was truly impressed by's customer service within Slack, and their ability to create custom setups and integrations. The speed and proficiency with which they catered to our additional automation needs left me in awe!"


Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Taylor - Co-CEO & Co-Founder @Kynship

Minimize ad ops

"Knowing that makes sure no error or anomaly goes unnoticed, I can put my focus on working with our clients. Having a system in place allows us to worry less and do a better job."


Associate Director of Paid Social

Nina - Associate Director of Paid Social @ Socium Media

Boost creativity

"'s creative reporting and screenshot library has been a game-changer for us, it's effectively closed the feedback loop. Our design team is always aware of what performs best and is able to deliver new creative concepts based on performance data."


Team Lead Paid Social @Celebrate Company

Julia - Team Lead Paid Social @Celebrate Company

Test and learn faster

Set for scale

Minimize ad ops

Boost creativity

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Will produce new ad creatives for me to test?

Is suitable for small businesses or is it only for large enterprises?

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Will help me improve my ROAS?

Can help manage multiple ad accounts?