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Top Performance Marketing without the grunt work

Automate all repetitive tasks without opening Ads Manager: Upload assets from GDrive or Dropbox. Create Ads from Sheets, Notion or Airtable. Get Slack reports and notifications. Use custom rules.

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Honestly Now, Should You Really Be Doing All That Needless Repetitive Work?

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There is a better way to run your creative testing

If you don't systematically test, evaluate and improve new ad creatives, you are ignoring the reality of running Paid Social ads in 2022: Ad Creative is King!
Ad-hoc decision making and "random" creative testing results in volatile results and zero predictability.

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Scaling social media

Scale when your ads are ready

Whether it's pausing ads, increasing bids, reducing budgets or rolling out "winning ads" - it's time to stop constantly worrying and checking and instead setting clear rules to take care of scaling when your ads are ready - not when you happen to look into Ads Manager.

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Multi-steps health check on ads

Get peace of mind and a new level of confidence

Ensure your landing pages are up and running, tracking is set up and budget is spent at the pace you want it to with's automated Health Checks. Achieve extra levels of transparency by monitoring and logging every single action being taken in your or your clients' accounts.

Set up Quality Control for your ads ->
Workflow automation from

Let us help you automate literally anything is powered by a workflow engine that integrates with common business tools (Google Sheets, Slack, Notion, Airtable) and allows you to make any action that you can take on Ads Manager as part of an automated workflow - including API-only features.

Automate end-to-end workflows ->
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What we can do for you For Agencies

Agency distributing automated part
  • Guarantee high quality results by standardizing your processes
  • Save hundreds of hours of repetitive work, and leave more time for high-cognitive tasks
  • Avoid errors in your setup that could compromise your client's business
  • Make transparency a competitive advantage
With, our team spends significantly more time on higher-cognitive tasks that boost our value chain and average quality of ads we deliver to our clients.
Saved per employee per week
More time spent on Creative
Happier employees
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Brand distributing work along people
  • Get rid of all your mindless work and focus on what really drives ROAS
  • Find more "winning" ads and scale faster through automated creative testing
  • Stop wasting money on bad ads, broken links and audiences that simply don't work
  • Close the feedback loop and empower your creative team with visual creative reporting
" is my marketing team's superpower. Hiring somebody who can do what can do would have taken months, but now we have world-class tools at our fingertips, without eating into the cost of our media spend.
Head of Growth
4 to 6 digit
scaling from their monthly budget
full time performance marketers employed
overall faster learnings delivery
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