Automate Your Social Media Advertising Work

Free up time for strategic and creative work by putting your repetitive processes on autopilot and codifying your best practices.

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Why you'll love kitchn

Integrate into your existing tools & processes

Work seamlessly across accounts & platforms

Monitor & act through rule-based automation

Set up an automation once and use indefinitely


How does it work?

Authorize and connect your accounts to kitchn.

Pick an automation recipe and configure it to your needs.

Run or schedule the automation - daily, hourly or every minute.

Amazing things you can already do with kitchn

Automated Pixel Checks

Constantly check your clients' Facebook pixels, and receive an email if any of them fail.

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Automated Reporting

Export pre-defined automatic reports for your Facebook ads that get exported to  GoogleSheets™ daily.

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Duplicate & scale with ease

Duplicate your winning ads into as many campaigns and adsets as you like. Even across accounts.

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Speed up your Interest Research

Find hundreds of hidden Facebook interests for any keyword or topic to test in your

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Before I frequently lost days of data, because some pixel events stopped firing at the most inconvenient times. With the Auomated Pixel Checker I am now immediately notified and can login to fix it."

Jeremy Richter
Social Media Advertising Agency Owner

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