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Avoid embarrassing ads and technical errors by running a quality assurance check on your ad setup.

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How does it work?


Landing page & tracking checks

Don't risk missing out on revenue because of technical errors. will check whether your ad destinations are live, all conversion events and tracked, and catch any mistakes before they happen.


Get notified on Slack quality assurance automations are running and spotting potential mistakes 24/7. We'll let you know if we see a sudden increase in your CPA or a drop in CVR. Kitchn also allows you to pause ads and campaigns if there are any errors.


Automated Change Logs

Track everything you do to back up your work when things don't go your way. Make transparency a competitive advantage by keeping your partners and clients in the loop with automated activity logging.

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You've got to check your ads after pressing publish

Error handling workflow
  • Sometimes the simplest mistakes can be fatal. Keep your ads under control 24/7 by knowing if your ad destination is live and whether or not events are tracked. will notify you in Slack so you can fix it before it's too late.
  •’s quality assurance automation solution allows you to check the setup of every single ad before going live, catch errors in existing ads and immediately spot technical mistakes.
  • With our automated activity logs, you can record every change you make on the platform. This data is beneficial to build trust through transparency with your colleagues, management, or clients. You can also use it to track in detail how changes affect performance.


live ads get checked


faster error fixing

20 hours

saved checking ads each week

Stop wasting your time and money on faulty ads

Pause too-expenive ads

Save time, control your costs, and stop wasting money on ads and campaigns that are too expensive or just plain wrong. Just let us know your goals and limits, and will automatically pause the ad, campaign, or adset until you're ready to re-launch it again.

24/7 checks for technical error

Stay on top of your campaigns with With the click of a button, you can run a full QA check to ensure your ads are set up correctly. Spot technical errors 24/7, no matter where you are, and get notified on Slack when something needs your attention.

Increase Transparency with your team

Keep up with the changes your team makes on the Ads Manager by logging them with our Activity Log automation. Spot some patterns and analyze how changes affect your campaign performance.

Automated events tracking checks

Spot tracking errors in your ads or ad sets as soon as they appear. Kitchn regularly checks your pixels and detects abnormalities in tracking. Get notified of any issues on Slack and take immediate action to cut down on the team's or customer's frustration.

Learn how brands save time with automated QA by

Pearmill's philosophy puts radical transparency into the core of the relationship with the client. Long-term relationships with clients and the constant growth of accounts are two main goals that Nima, the founder, defines as crucial for the agency's success. Therefore, the team needed a robust automation solution that would enable them to spend more time on strategic projects without eating into a percentage of ad spend. Kitchn technology allows Pearmill to become more transparent with the clients while staying flexible in the ways of doing so.

Nima, Founder of Pearmill

“Kitchn gives my team peace of mind that everything is under control and they have the headspace to continue their creative and strategic tasks.”

Nima, Founder of Pearmill

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