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Worried About Losing Clients Due To Avoidable Mistakes?

Kitchn.io helps you get peace of mind and make transparency a competitive advantage.

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Multi-step checks on ads


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Increase quality and confidence when running ads

A lot can go wrong: From typos in URLs to suddenly broken landing pages, from broken Pixels to an extra "0" in the budget. Humans make mistakes when setting up ads - Let Kitchn.io help you catch and remedy mistakes.

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Why you will love it...

Error handling workflow

Catch errors before they cause real damage

Don't let errors come between you and your team or clients. Get notified or auto-fix obvious errors as soon as they happen.

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Transparency = Trust

Make transparency a competitve advantage by keeping your partners and clients in the loop with automated activity logging.

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Stay in control at all times

Specify the checks you want to run and receive notifications via Slack. Stay on top of budgets, core KPIs and your account activity.

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Alert symbol after catching error

Landing page functionality and Tracking checks

Ensure core functionality to make sure your ads send people to the right place and that you can measure it.

Mill of Automations

Automated Change Logs

Track everything you do to back up your work when things don't go your way.

Alert on Slack

Get notified on Slack - 24/7

Receive notifications in your messaging tool of choice instead of missing it in Business Manager.

Spend more time on what matters

Spend more time on what matters

We help agencies and brands to save hundreds of hours, avoid mistakes and gain headspace for the tasks that truly deserve human attention: Developing Creatives, working on strategy or improving your own processes and systems.

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