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What type of business are you running?
  • AAgency (Performance Marketing or General Marketing)
  • BE-Commerce Store
  • CSaaS (Software as a Service)
  • DD2C Brand
  • EConsumer Subscription business (mobile and web)
  • FOther
How big is your marketing team?
  • A2-3 People
  • BJust me
  • C4-9 People
  • D10-20 People
  • EOver 21 People
What is your average monthly ad spend?
  • AUnder 50.000€
  • BPrefer not to say at this point
  • CBetween 100.000€ and 300.000€
  • DBetween 50.000€ and 100.000€
  • EBetween 300.000€ and 1.000.000€
  • FOver 1.000.000€
What is your goal in marketing for the next 6 to 12 months?
  • AI want to scale up the spend at a similar ROAS and double or triple the revenue
  • BI want to introduce better processes and reduce manual work by 60% so that we can focus on more important things again
  • CI want to build cutting-edge ads operations that run like a well-oiled machine so that we can take things to the next level
  • DOther
If you are honest, what is preventing you from reaching this goal?
  • AWe are spending way too much time on manual work. We need to find a way to get back to more high-value work.
  • BWe are not testing enough creatives, and those we test are not often enough winners. I'm looking to increase the number of tests and the hit rates.
  • CI'm just curious to learn more.
  • DI'm not sure if we are doing things right in our team. I'm looking for reassurance to help gain back confidence.
  • ESmall errors ruin our ROAS. There is always something that is not working as it should, and it just eats up the profit.
  • FOther
How urgent are these problems?
  • A8/10 - I know it's important, but I'm already doing well, so I'm just going to take my time. If I like you, and I think you can create value, I'm in.
  • B10/10 - I need this solved ASAP. If I don't figure this out soon, bad things will happen
  • C5/10 - We are winners, and we are already winning. I want to work with more winners. If you are a winner, I'm working with you
  • D1-5/10 - Really, I'm just curious.
What is your financial situation for investments like these
  • AI'm willing and able to invest financial and time resources into solving this problem ASAP if, of course, you provide a legitimate solution
  • BWe don't have the money, but I can get it if necessary. I'm willing to invest my time, and I'm able to find the necessary financial resources to solve this problem if you can provide a legitimate solution
  • CI can't afford to engage anyone for help at the moment, I'd just like to get more information so I can work with you when I accumulate more cash or credit.
Do you need anyone else involved in the buying process?
  • ANo, I'm good to go.
  • BI'm not the ultimate decision-maker, but I influence the process.
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                Where did you find us?
                • AYoutube Content
                • BLinkedIn
                • CReferral
                • DSearch
                • EEmail
                • FFacebook Ads
                • GOther

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