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10x Your Creative Testing Results

Standardize and automate ad creation and testing, to drastically change your results - and all that using the tools you already use every day.

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Sync between spreadsheet and ads

Prepare, upload and launch ads directly from a Google Sheet

No need to copy and paste your prepared ads into Ads Manager: Save 1h a day by preparing, uploading and launching ads straight from Sheets.

Raising bid on pile of ads

Automatically scale out your winners

Instead of constantly checking your ads, set up a rule to automatically duplicate your best ads into other adsets and campaigns.

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Close the feedback loop with visual Slack reports

Don't leave your Creative team hanging - share instant, visual reports via GSheets or Slack.<br />All relevant KPIs combined with screenshots of your ads.

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Google Sheet in front of ads

GoogleSheet-based Bulk Ad Creation

Use our GoogleSheet template and automation to prepare your ads and say goodbye to messed up naming conventions and waiting for Ads Manager.

Right and wrong result on checks

Rule-based ad duplication

Set up rule-based triggers to duplicate ads into pre-selected adsets and campaigns after they have proven themselves.

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Powerful visual reports

Performance Marketers love numbers and spreadsheets - everyone else not so much. Share meaningful metrics alongside screenshots of and links to your actual ads.

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Key visuals and metrics straight into Slack

Don't feel like opening a report? Let it come to you with automated Slack reports of your best ads to keep your Creative team and partners in the loop.

Spend more time on what matters

Spend more time on what matters

We help agencies and brands to save hundreds of hours, avoid mistakes and gain headspace for the tasks that truly deserve human attention: Developing Creatives, working on strategy or improving your own processes and systems.

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