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Automate your Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat creative testing. Test 10x more creatives in the same amount of time, and free up your schedule to focus on your most important tasks.

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How does it work?


Upload assets to Ads Manager

Upload assets from Google Drive or Dropbox automatically. Downloading assets from Google Drive to uploading them again to Ads Manager can be painful and takes hours. Kitchn.io automates the process, so you don't have to worry about it!


Create ads from a Sheet

Kitchn.io is the only tool that allows you to create ads in bulk from a Google Sheet. Fill in the template with headlines, texts, media links, ad destinations, and other ad settings, select the campaign or adset to publish them and create hundreds of ads with just a click!


Automate creative insights

With our creative automations, you can set your creative insights delivery frequency and format with just a few clicks. Kitchn.io will take screenshots of all ads ever run and combine them with data export, making a report visually appealing. No more manual data gathering.

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Our Creative Testing automations save time, money, and headaches

Google sheet upload
  • Don't spend hours manually copy-pasting ads over and over again. Kitchn.io enables you to create ads in bulk from a Google Sheet, upload creative assets straight to Ads Manager, and analyze your creative test results with automated, visually appealing Google Sheets reports.
  • With Kitchn.io's Creative Testing solution, you will never have to create ads in the Ads manager interface. Instead, create, upload, and test creatives with just a few clicks.
  • With our automated Creative Reporting, you'll be able to track your creative effectiveness and see what works best, so you can stop guessing. See your creative test results in beautifully designed, easy-to-use Google Sheets reports.


more creative tests


faster creative insights

60 hours

saved testing ads each week

Stop wasting your time doing creative testing manually

Automate Ad Creation

Create hundreds of ads with a click from a Sheets template. Everyone knows how to work with Google spreadsheets, and that's why they're the best way to manage your creative testing. Spend less time on repetitive ad creation tasks and more time running creative tests that move the needle.

Integrate with Google Drive or Dropbox

Upload your assets from Google Drive to Ads Manager with Kitchn.io, and you'll never need to worry about forgetting an asset again. Provide us with a link to a folder in which you store the creative assets, and we will automatically upload new images and videos to Ads Manager!

Automate Creative Reporting

Automation is the key to staying on top of campaign analytics and discovering what's working in a matter of minutes. Kitchn.io reports are easy to read and understand, even for team members who don't work with data.

Automatically scale best ads

Instead of constantly checking your ads, set up rule-based triggers to duplicate ads into pre-selected adsets and campaigns after they have proven themselves. Rest assured, you will never again miss an opportunity to scale!

Learn how brands save time with bulk ad creation

Bloom used several Kitchn recipes, which decreased the amount of manual campaign creation and optimization by 95%. Using Google Sheets to bulk create ads from scratch allowed Bloom to fully automate the ad creation process, which now started as soon as the assets were delivered. Test results were immediately sent to everyone involved, and the winning ads from the test were uploaded to ‘always-on’ campaigns within minutes. Every week, every stakeholder working on Facebook Ads receives a report with the top test and campaign ads.

Taylor, Head of Growth @Bloom

“Kitchn.io is my marketing team's superpower. Hiring somebody who can do what Kitchn.io can do would have taken months, but now we have world-class tools at our fingertips, without eating into the cost of our media spend”.

Taylor, Head of Growth @Bloom

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Spend more time on what matters

We help agencies and brands to save hundreds of hours, avoid mistakes and gain headspace for the tasks that truly deserve human attention: developing creatives, working on strategy, or improving your processes and systems.

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