Snapchat Ads Automation with

Reduce time spent on manual tasks and cut ad operations in half. Automate Snapchat creative testing, ad creation, and reporting. Integrate with Google Sheets, Drive, and Slack.

  • Snapchat Creative Reporting

    Get inspired with our beautifully designed automated Snapchat creative reports based on Google Sheets. Help your team stay on top of creative testing with actual screenshots of running ads.

  • Snapchat Data Exports & Reports

    Spend your energy and time on the things that matter the most for your business. Let automate Snapchat reporting and pull data ongoingly into Sheets and Slack.

  • Create Snapchat ads faster

    Don't waste your time manually copying and pasting Snapchat ad creatives into the Snapchat Ads Manager. automates this process by letting you create ads from a Google spreadsheet.

Automate all your Snapchat ads tasks with

Paid social teams can spend a lot of time on manual tasks like creating ads, uploading video creatives in Snapchat ads manager, and constantly monitoring campaigns. This can be time-consuming and takes away time from more important tasks, that actually require human input.

  • Create hundreds of ads with just a few clicks

    Focus on creative strategy instead of ad duplication. Prepare all your ads in one place and save hours on manual ad creation in Snapchat Ads Manager.

  • Upload media straight into Snapchat ad accounts

    Using Google Drive or Dropbox to store your creative assets? Upload all media straight into your Snapchat ad accounts.

  • Set up automated creative reports

    Generate visually appealing reports that will inspire your creative team. If your team can manage a spreadsheet, they can 100% manage our report.

  • Automated Slack Notifier

    Set up automated rules for Kitchn to send you notifications about campaign performance. Make sure you're always looking at the right metrics at the right time.

  • Integrate with Slack, Google Drive, and Sheets

    Build systems with tools you already use. makes it easy for you to turn manual tasks into automated processes that run 24/7.

  • Get Slack notifications if things go not as planned

    Get your team to unlock the potential of automated Slack notifications and reports to uncover hidden insights and make better decisions. Delivered straight into your favorite channels.

  • Analyze any Snapchat campaign in a snap

    Run any campaign and get instant analytics on how it's performing. will pull data and run reports on schedule, so you always have the data you need to make smart decisions.

  • Leverage your performance data

    Get insights into how your campaigns are performing without the hassle of downloading or pulling data. Use the data that truly measures the success of your marketing efforts.

Spend less time on manual tasks and more time on strategy.

Are you an agency or brand looking to reduce the amount of time spent manually managing Snapchat ads? Are you looking for a way to increase efficiency and optimize your campaigns?'s Snapchat ads automations help agencies and brands reduce time spent on manual tasks and cut Snapchat ad operations in half. Automate most of the tasks associated with managing Snapchat ads, such as creating ads, uploading ad creatives, monitoring campaigns, and more. With, you can create Snapchat ads from a Google Spreadsheet, Airtable, or Notion instead of manually copy-pasting them.

Want to always have the freshest data available to do better optimization decisions? Automate any Snapchat reporting and pull data on a schedule. You can use our Google Sheets reporting templates or create your own custom reports. Send Slack reports to your favorite channels if you want to keep your team informed about the latest performance developments. For example, inspire your creative team with visually appealing, fully-automated reports, helping you create more effective and engaging ads.

Keep an eye on your campaigns 24/7 and automate campaign optimization and management with custom rule sets. will take action or update you when a trigger event happens, so you can concentrate on more important things.

With, you can save time, reduce costs, and increase efficiency in managing your Snapchat ads. By automating the process of managing Snapchat ads, you allow your team to focus on other aspects of your business and maximize your return on investment.

If you're looking to streamline your TikTok ads operations and management, is a great way to save time and improve efficiency. It could be just what you need to save time and maximize your TikTok ad campaigns.

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"With we are able to handle tasks that would otherwise require a much bigger team: Automated Creative reports, bulk-creating ads across 10+countries and accounts. The customizability and flexibility of the platform definitely stands out."

Guido Van Der Zee,<br/>Head of Paid Social at @foodspring
Guido Van Der Zee,
Head of Paid Social at @foodspring

Learn how our customers automate their Snapchat ads

Most customers use because they value time and try to get the maximum out of every decision. That's why creating headspace is important to allow enough power to focus on what matters. Here are some facts about advertisers who use to automate Snapchat ad operations.

  • 10 hours/week

    saved creating Snapchat ads in bulk

  • 70%

    more creative tests are being conducted compared to advertisers who test ads manually

  • x5

    faster creative insights delivery

  • 20%

    increase in employee satisfaction due to fewer monkey-tasks

Jon, CEO @

With, our team spends significantly more time on higher-cognitive tasks that boost our value chain and average quality of ads we deliver to our clients.


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