TikTok Ads Creative Reporting

All your content will be managed and created in a single google sheet before you send it with kitchn to facebook.

Google Drive

Share creative insights across teams

Keep your creative team updated on what TikTok ads work the best and inspire future best-performers

tiktok ads creative reporting

Power your creative testing with automated visual reports

Our TikTok creative report is based on Google Sheets, meaning everyone who knows how has a good understanding of Google Drive can work with Kitchn reporting templates.

  • Custom Filters & Sorting

    Slice and dice account data as you like. Set up ad campaign, adset, or date filters, or come up with your own.

  • Automated Refresh

    Schedule days and times when you want your creative reports to refresh with the latest data straight from your Facebook Ads Manager!

  • Easily Customisable

    Have a specific creative testing setup? Customize the creative report with Google Sheets formulas according to your needs.

  • Sharable Preview Links

    For each, we generate a preview link, so you can see how your ad looks likes on Facebook, Instagram and other placements.

  • Beautiful Screenshots

    Want to gain more respect from the creative team? They will love it. We show you exactly how customers see your ads.

  • Easy Setup

    Need creative reports for all your Facebook ad accounts? With Kitchn, it will only take you 10 mins to set up a creative report.


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