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Automate and standardize your key processes, integrating seamlessly with the platforms and tools you already trust.

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Customize and Automate Unique Paid Social Processes

Kitchn.io tailors paid social automation for unique processes and systems, cutting ad operations by half while doubling time for strategic initiatives.


Reduction in ad operation


More time for strategic initiatives


In employee satisfaction

Customize and Automate Unique Business Processes

Kitchn.io excels in customizing automation for your unique business processes. Whether it’s integrating with Google Drive, Sheets, Monday.com or creating new workflows, our platform ensures your paid social automation is efficient, seamless, and tailored to your enterprise's specific needs.

Automate Business

Drive Innovation and Efficiency with Custom Automation

Kitchn.io's automations significantly lower the cost per ad created while enabling your team to handle more accounts single-handedly. With reduced time spent on manual tasks, your media buyers can manage a larger volume of accounts efficiently. Increase your operational capacity for new clients, without increasing the headcount.

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Integrate and Automate with Existing Technology

Integrate effortlessly with ad platfroms, Google Drive, Dropbox, Monday.com or many more. Our platform allows for easy integration with ad platforms, simplifying authentication and ensuring a smoother, more connected workflow.


Trusted by Industry leaders

"This year, our paid social efforts grew 250% YoY, thanks to consistent testing and new operational efficiencies. Of course, kitchn.io has played a big part in that!"


Director of Paid Social

Caleb - Director of Paid Social @Fluent

Learn how industry leaders automate their ad operations

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Hours saved creating ads

Fluent is a leader in customer acquisition for global brands across a wide array of industries.

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Effortlessly Testing 100+ Ads Weekly

Vshred, one of the most well-known brands in the fitness industry, faced a common challenge in paid social marketing: managing an ever-growing volume of paid social campaigns without sacrificing quality or efficiency. The team was searching for a solution that could efficiently manage the high volume of ads while remaining adaptable enough to fit Vshred's specific needs and existing workflows.

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Creative testing through automation 3x

Facing rapid growth and an increasing need for efficient ad operations, PetLab Co. turned to Kitchn.io's automation solutions. This case study explores how they quadrupled creative testing, reduced manual ad tasks by 50%, and automated 90% of their ad reporting.

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Creative reporting automated 90%

Celebrate Company, a multi-brand team, has seen substantial growth in their Paid Social campaigns across platforms like Meta and Pinterest.

Maximize Your Agency's Potential with Kitchn.io

Kitchn.io redefines efficiency in paid social media marketing, enabling agencies to scale operations, enhance creativity, and deliver exceptional client results.

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