Effortlessly Testing 100+ Ads Weekly

Vshred, one of the most well-known brands in the fitness industry, faced a common challenge in paid social marketing: managing an ever-growing volume of paid social campaigns without sacrificing quality or efficiency. The team was searching for a solution that could efficiently manage the high volume of ads while remaining adaptable enough to fit Vshred's specific needs and existing workflows.

  • Time saved per media buyer3h+ / week
  • Ads tested weekly100+
  • Paid social reporting autom.90%


Vshred's Paid Social team is managing an impressive amount of ads across major platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok. As they scaled, the team reached a moment when they realized that they need to grow without compromising on the quality of their campaigns. How do you scale ad operations without dedicating an unsustainable amount of time to routine, manual tasks every week?

The team's goal was clear, but the manual workload meant less time for what truly drives growth: creatives testing, ideas brainstorming, and diving deep into competitive research. The goal was to shift the balance, freeing up precious hours for these high-impact activities. However, finding a solution that would fit into Vshred's unique operational style and existing systems was not an easy task. The market offered few options that ticked all the boxes for flexibility and customization.

Before partnering with Kitchn.io, the team used the standard Meta bulk ad upload templates for ad creation. Yet, even with these tools, the team was bogged down with manual uploads of creatives, piecing together reports from different platforms, and navigating various accounts for ad optimization. This approach was not just time-intensive but it also required manual QA processes.

In this context, Vshred sought a smarter way forward that would allow their paid social team to truly excel by focusing on strategy and creativity and automating all manual, non-value tasks.

"We needed a tool that was not just powerful but also customizable to our unique workflow. Kitchn.io was a game-changing solution in that sense.."

Jerrud, Media Buying Supervisor, @Vshred
Jerrud, Media Buying Supervisor, @Vshred

Vshred's Automation Goals

Automate High-Volume Ad Upload

Automate the bulk upload of hundreds of ads weekly, significantly reducing manual effort and time

Shift focus to strategic and creative tasks

Enable the team to manage and scale ad volume efficiently, focusing on strategic growth rather than routine tasks

Automate Reporting

Automate the generation of detailed performance reports to provide deep insights into ad performance

Implement Ad Monitoring and Alerts

Use automated QA alerts for key metrics and ad disapprovals to maintain high-quality standards and quick responsiveness

Automation at Vshred

Vshred's team decided to test out Kitchn.io mainly because of the platform’s ability to handle the complexities of large-scale ad operations while providing the customization necessary for unique processes.

The basis of Vshred's new strategy was Kitchn.io's bulk ad upload feature. Kitchn.io streamlined the creative process by automatically picking up new ads from a designated folder and preparing them for launch. This integration significantly simplified the workflow between the creative team and media buyers, ensuring that all ads were tested.

It allowed the team to manage hundreds of ads weekly, significantly reducing the time previously spent on manual uploads. What used to take 2-3 hours was now accomplished in a fraction of the time, freeing the team to focus on more strategic tasks.

Kitchn.io's ability to sync with Vshred's backend data enabled the creation of rules based on custom KPIs that automatically adjusted campaigns based on real-time data. This level of customization ensured that Vshred's ads were optimized 24/7.

Automated QA alerts were implemented with a goal of maintaining high-quality standards. These alerts ensured that the team was immediately aware of any issues, from ad disapprovals to performance dips, allowing for swift action and continuous optimization.

Automated reporting

Vshred implemented Kitchn.io's advanced reporting features to generate detailed, actionable insights daily.

Bulk Ad Upload

By automating the bulk ad creation process, Vshred significantly reduced the time and effort previously required for ad uploads.

Rules based on custom data

Vshred’s team utilized Kitchn.io's capability to sync with backend data, allowing for the automated application of custom rules and adjustments.

QA System

Set up automated alerts for critical QA metrics and ad performance issues, ensuring high standards and swift responsiveness.

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