Automating Facebook Ad Creation

Vice Reversa is an omnichannel skincare brand operating in the US, UK, and Europe. Having multiple markets contributes to advertising complexity - a lot of work is involved in managing ad campaigns for multiple markets. The company consists of a team of 5 people only. Therefore, they searched for a solution to automate ad operations and to save time and money by freeing up employees to focus on priorities.

  • Time reduced Creating Ads by75%
  • Ads created programmatically95%
  • Increase of delivered creative insights200%


The mission of Vice Reversa, an omnichannel brand, is to develop innovative products for skin concerns. It is a skincare company that makes patch packs using microneedle technology - each of them has the greatest concentration of perfectly pyramidal microneedles.

Although Vice Reversa has a small team, it operates successfully in the US, the UK, and Europe. Having multiple markets contributes to advertising complexity not only in delivery but in advertising as well - there is a large amount of work involved in managing ad campaigns in various countries, which can be challenging for a company of 5 people.

It’s no secret that ad operations are one of the most tedious, time-consuming tasks for any business. Despite their importance to a business's success, they often consist of non-value tasks that could be easily automated.

Rory, the Director of Growth of Vice Reversa, searched for a solution to help the brand automate ad operations to save time and money by freeing up employees to focus on other priorities. It’s crucial for a smaller brand to set the priorities right - there is always a lot to do, and Rory wanted to ensure that the team was not caught up in manual work, but instead focused on strategy and creatives.

When deciding on an automation solution, the team was thinking of a custom-built tool, that would automate the existing processes, however, maintaining such an infrastructure can result in increased costs and a shift of focus. “We could have paid someone. But considering the constant changes on the Facebook API, we’d have to constantly pay for adjustments. The existing Facebook automation solutions couldn’t solve the fundamental issue of Vice Reversa. The team felt that they were trying to ‘hack the platform’ instead of speeding up the manual process.

"We wouldn’t be able to operate without I would recommend it to anyone who is handling a lot of accounts and is doing a lot of creative testing."

Rory, Director of Growth
Rory, Director of Growth

Vice Reversa's automation goals

Create headspace

Automating ad operations to allow all team members to focus on strategic and creative work

Share creative insights

Creating fully automated, visually appealing creative reports

Set the basis for innovation

Use the latest technology to stay on top of the game and inspire the action

Ensure error-free campaign setup

Prevent or catch human errors when setting up adsets and campaigns

Automation at Vice Reversa

Vice Reversa tested Kitchn’s bulks ad creation tool to evaluate the percentage of time that could be saved on ads creation. Previously, the team created all Facebook ads with Ads Manager and uploaded creative assets manually. With bulk ad creation, the ad operations decreased by 75%, and the ad creation process became as easy as filling out a Google spreadsheet template. After a few weeks of testing, the team decided on a complete solution rollout.

In addition, Vice Reversa tested a Facebook Creative Reporting automation recipe to facilitate knowledge sharing across the team. Rory found it especially helpful to spread information around to non-experts that are not in the accounts as it’s very easy to manage and understand and, on top of that, provides screenshots of the ads.

Vice Reversa was able to automate a huge part of ad operation using only the pre-built recipes. In the future, Rory plans to roll out Kitchn for automated campaign management and health checks.

” is coming in from a much broader perspective than we are, and on top of that, the team comes up with creative solutions which we wouldn’t consider ourselves. You get this benefit, but don’t lose anything on the technical side. ”, says Rory.

Bulk Ad Creation

The team creates ads straight from a Google Spreadsheet template. All ads get automatically uploaded to Facebook Ads Manager

Creative Reporting

Creative Testing results are automatically delivered in form of a visually appealing Google Spreadsheets report.

Automated Assets Uploader

Kitchn uploads all of the assests straight from a Google Drive to Dropbox to your Facebook Ad account

Screenshot Library

To have an overviews of all assests, Kitchn takes a screenshots of all ads that had at least one impression and posts it in a Screenshot library.

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