Automating Quality Assurance for a fast-growing agency

Socium Media is a performance-first digital marketing agency that recently ranked #6 on Adweek's 75 Fastest Growing Agencies List. A significant portion of their business is focused on paid social advertising. As a rapidly growing agency, Socium sought a solution to streamline ad operations and ensure the highest quality of advertising while minimizing human errors and manual tasks.

  • Hours saved per report1.5
  • Alerts sent monthly2k+
  • Off-hours work0h


Socium found that in-platform automation solutions for social media platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, and Facebook were difficult to manage, time-consuming, and often limited. For instance, TikTok and Pinterest did not offer ad scheduling, and Facebook's default parameters would often disappear after manually copy-pasting ads.

Quality assurance is one of the top priorities for agencies. Socium wanted to bring in technology to enforce the highest quality at all times and keep their specialized team working on higher lever tasks to grow their business.

"Knowing that makes sure no error or anomaly goes unnoticed, I can put my focus on working with our clients. Having a system in place allows us to worry less and do a better job."

Nina, Associate Director of Paid Social @ Socium Media
Nina, Associate Director of Paid Social @ Socium Media

Socium's Automation Goals

Catch errors before they cause trouble

Reduce the likelihood of mistakes in ad operations by automating tasks and implementing quality assurance.

Ensure the highest quality of advertising

Maintain exceptional advertising standards by employing automated quality control and monitoring features

Free up time from manual tasks

Save valuable time and resources by automating repetitive tasks and quality checks, allowing the team to focus on strategic and creative initiatives.

Automation at Socium

Socium strategically integrated into their paid social operations to address their automation needs. The implementation led to significant improvements in quality assurance and efficiency of the paid social team.

Socium implemented various quality assurance automations with to spot potential errors and send Slack notifications if something goes wrong. These automations include non-functioning landing page alerts, UTM checks and alerts, tracking alerts, and high-spend alerts. This proactive approach to quality assurance allows the team to resolve issues quickly and maintain a high standard of advertising. enabled Socium to schedule ads for Pinterest and TikTok, eliminating the need for the team to work on weekends or worry about manually managing ad scheduling. This automation gave the team more time to focus on other essential tasks, boosting overall productivity. has played a big role in helping Socium automate their paid social ad operations. The platform has significantly improved the agency's quality assurance processes, reduced manual tasks, and enabled the team to focus on more critical projects. As Socium grows, they can rely on to further streamline and automate new processes, ensuring the highest quality ad operations daily.

Creative Reporting

Automated Facebook, Tiktok, and Snapchat creative reporting with ad preview and ad screenshots.

Quality Assurance Automations

Check ads for potential setup mistakes, monitor vital KPIs, and get notified in Slack in case of any errors or inconsistencies.

Automated Ads scheduling

Schedule TikTok and Pinterest ads to go live anytime. Manage scheduling of ads from one place.

Screenshot Library

Get a preview of every single ad that was launched to create visually appealing creative reports.

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