Quadrupling creative testing through automation

PetLab Co., known for its commitment to pet health and wellness, faced an exciting period of rapid growth. As the company scaled, the demand for more sophisticated and efficient paid social processes and ad operations became evident. The key was to find a solution that could handle the complexities of large-scale ad operations, yet be flexible enough to support PetLab's unique processes and integrate existing tools.

  • Ad creatives tested4x
  • Less manual ad operations50%
  • Paid social reporting autom.90%


As PetLab grew, so did the volume of their advertising operations. Their skilled team, including video editors, copywriters, and media buyers, was tasked with handling an increasing number of campaigns and creative tests. A major goal was to manage this growth smoothly, ensuring that each ad was not only high-quality but also accurate in its details, like UTM parameters, tracking, and naming conventions.

PetLab's key objective was to find a solution that would allow them to handle their growing advertising needs efficiently, giving them more time to focus on creating top-quality ads.

"I was sold on the idea of Kitchn even before it was a thing. With our workload at PetLab, automating repetitive tasks was not just a desire, it was a necessity."

Marcin, @PetLab
Marcin, @PetLab

PetLab's Automation Goals

Automate the Maximum of Existing Processes

PetLab aimed to automate the boring, repetitive parts of their marketing work, making room for more creative thinking

Maintain the Highest Standards of Advertising

Keep the ads error-free and maintain consistent naming conventions, ensuring a high quality of advertising

Automated Reporting

PetLab sought to reduce the heavy lifting in reporting, making it automated and less reliant on manual effort

Automation at PetLab

PetLab's first step with was implementing the bulk ad upload feature. This solution allowed them to efficiently manage a larger volume of ads across various platforms. Before, the process involved a lot of manual work, but with this new system, the team could upload and launch campaigns quickly and accurately, significantly decreasing the possibility of human error.'s automated quality checks reduced the risk of errors in the ads. By automating the checks of UTM parameters, links, and maintaining uniform naming conventions, PetLab ensured that each ad was accurate in its details. This automation was key in maintaining the high standards that PetLab set for its paid social advertising.

Moreover, brought in new reporting tools. PetLab could now automatically gather and analyze important data, which used to be a manual and tedious task. This meant the team could make smarter decisions based on solid data, improving their ad campaigns.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of for PetLab was the shift in focus it allowed. With the more tedious and time-consuming aspects of ad management being automated, the team at PetLab could dedicate more time and resources to developing ad creatives. This shift not only led to higher quality ad content but also allowed for more thoughtful and structured processes. The creative team had the space to innovate and experiment, leading to more high-performing ads.

Bulk Ad Upload

Automated the creation and management of Facebook ad campaigns, significantly increasing their ad production.

Quality Assurance

A comprehensive QA system was implemented to ensure that all ads were free from errors and met the set standards, including UTMs, links, and naming conventions.

Automated Reporting's automated reporting template enabled PetLab Co. to efficiently handle data from various platforms without the need for manual data pull.

Creative Analytics Solutions’s visual reports allowed the team to invest more in analyzing the performance of their campaigns and integrating feedback into their creative processes.

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