Building Radically Transparent Marketing

Pearmill’s philosophy puts radical transparency into the core of the relationship with the client. Long-term relationships with clients and constant growth of accounts are two main goals that are crucial for the agency's success. Kitchn technology enables Pearmill to become more transparent with the clients while staying flexible in the ways of doing so.

  • Ads checked daily1,500
  • Accounts connected15+
  • Managed ad spend100M+


Transparency is one of the vital industry values critical to building trust and long-term relationships with clients. Radical transparency is in tune with Pearmill's philosophy. You will inevitably make mistakes when trying new things, and keep pushing forward. It's easy to make a mistake when setting up a Facebook or Google campaign, but with the help of automation, it's also easy to spot them immediately. Pearmill takes it to another level by setting up a “Spent Integrity” system - a collection of ad checks that ensure everything goes exactly as planned.

In a perfect world, every single ad goes through various checks: all landing pages must be up, UTM parameters set, the budget paced according to performance, and the KPIs are in the safe ranges. If something goes wrong, the system will send a Slack message directly to a client's Slack channels. “Our clients want to know that we are always on top of their account, and even if there is a problem, it will get immediately fixed,” says Nima.

Building and maintaining such a critical system in the dynamic and complex environment of multiple large advertising platforms is not something easily done in-house. Therefore, the effort and costs of keeping such a system up will be unproportionally high.

"At Pearmill, we deliver the best results for our clients. And reliable, top-of-the-line automations are an integral part of it. Kitchn gives my team peace of mind that everything is under control and they have the headspace to continue their creative and strategic tasks."

Nima, Founder of Pearmill
Nima, Founder of Pearmill

Pearmill's automation goals

Catch all setup mistakes

Ensure a zero-friction account setup for every client through monitoring every campaign, adset, and ad 24/7

Create headspace

Enable Pearmill's highly-skilled teams to work on strategic and creative projects by automating manual, non-value work

Never miss an opportunity to Scale

Use the account's data to spot KPI changes and send them directly in the Slack channel

Increase Goals Transparency

Keep the clients updated with the recent campaign developments via automatic Slack mini-reports

Automation at Pearmill

Kitchn gives the Pearmill team peace of mind that everything is under control and they have the headspace to continue with their creative and strategic tasks, budgets are adjusted according to the performance, and ads are checked for broken links or missing parameters.

Pearmill runs Google and Facebook ad health checks for all clients’ ad accounts. That means that whenever something goes wrong, the team gets a Slack notification. First, Kitchn checks the technical part: whether the UTMs are set up correctly, and ads are not linking to dead pages. Then, it monitors the campaign setup. The automation will send a Slack notification if there are extra “0“ s in budgets or bids if the ads are not spending, or pause the ads if the cost per result is too high.

UTMs check

The team gets a notification whenever Kitchn discovers a non-matching pattern

Links Validator

Kitchn automatically pauses ads with faulty or dead links

Budgets and Bids Checks

Slack notification is sent whenever budget or bids set to too high values

CPA and ROAS checks

If a KPI decreases/increases over 30%, the Slack notification will follow. The team can choose to pause the ad or inspect it in the Facebook ads manager.

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