Freeing up time for creativity

Ladder focuses on growing customers’ ad accounts by developing a data-driven creative. Since it's crucial for the agency to keep the focus on creative strategy, Ladder wanted to automate all manual, non-value tasks by leveraging's Notion, Slack, Google, and Facebook integrations to free up time for creative strategy and brainstorming.

  • Accounts Connected15+
  • Slack Reports Shared200+
  • Activities Logged99%


Ladder is one of the top growth agencies in the US and UK that focuses on growing clients’ accounts through data-driven creative. The agency provides full service and works on all spectrums of growth marketing: content strategy, content production, creative testing, media buying, and conversion optimization.

Brands come to Ladder to gain a competitive advantage through data-driven creatives. Therefore, the agency needed a way to automate their manual, non-value tasks to maximize their creative strategy. By cutting repetitive tasks through automation and process standardization, employees of the agency should be able to spend more time developing outstanding creatives for their clients and boost growth through scaling best-performing ads.

Since Ladder already had established processes and chosen tools that were working well to provide value, Ladder and focused on finding the most time-consuming tasks. The goal was to automate them, standardize the processes further, and integrate the existing tools, particularly focusing on Notion and Slack.

"With, our team spends significantly more time on higher-cognitive tasks that boost our value chain and average quality of ads we deliver to our clients."

Jon, CEO, @Ladder
Jon, CEO, @Ladder

Ladder's automation goals

Free time for creative strategy

Enable Ladder's highly-skilled teams to work on strategic and creative projects by automating manual, non-value work like reporting and activity logging.

Make time for more accounts

Automate time-consuming, tedious tasks to free up teams to take on more client accounts. The fewer manual tasks a specialist has to do, the more time they can spend strategically growing accounts.

Build trust with clients and increase transparency

Record all actions done on the clients’ Facebook and Google ad accounts and send out bi-weekly performance reports to a shared Slack channel.

Increase employee satisfaction

Help team members grow and make them successful in their roles by letting them focus on strategy and cutting manual tasks

Automation at Ladder

Ladder leveraged’s Slack integration to automate health checks for Facebook and Google ads - short reports containing the most important information about clients’ ad accounts. Health Checks are sent to a shared Slack channel every other day to inform the client about the latest campaign developments.

The team monitors accounts and evaluates the success of advertising by looking at month-to-date spend and projections, main performance metrics, and performance breakdowns by channel and compares KPIs week by week.

To further increase client transparency, Ladder implemented activity logs -’s Facebook and Google automations that report every single action taken on a client ad account. This allows Ladder to ensure that all clients are kept up-to-date and enables them to easily track changes in their accounts.

Through these efforts, Ladder was able to build further trust between them and their clients, which supports long-term business relationships.

Creative Reporting for Facebook ads

Creative Reports that are easy to read and understand, even for team members who don't work with data.

Activity Logs for Google and Facebook ads

Record every change you make on the platform. This data is beneficial to build trust through transparency with your clients.

Health checks for Google and Facebook ads

Share performance reports with your clients in a mutual Slack channel and inform them about the latest campaign developments.

Alerts for Google ads

If things go wrong, you will be immediately notified. Receive notifications straight in your Slack instead of missing them in Google Ads.

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