Automating 95% of Ad Operations for a 9-Digit Budget Agency

Kynship, a leading influencer marketing agency for Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brands, has been managing numerous successful influencer partnerships. To accommodate the rapidly increasing number of ad accounts and ads, Kynship established structured and organized processes from the very beginning. Still, the growing volume of work started to eat a portion of the team's creative and strategic thinking time. Kynship decided to change the game by getting on board to automate as many tasks as possible.

  • automated workload of10 people
  • ads created monthly1.5k+
  • ad ops automated95%


As Kynship expanded rapidly, integrating more DTC brands into its portfolio, they encountered a challenge. The growing ad operations started to consume too much time, leaving less for developing innovative ad content and formulating effective paid social strategies. As a solution, they aimed to delegate most of their manual tasks.

Initially, Kynship relied on manual labour for ad creation and media uploads. But managing a sizable team was challenging, costly, and prone to human error. They realized that to scale further without expanding their workforce, they needed to start working on automation.

The objective was to automate as much as possible, enabling the team to concentrate on strategic analysis, creative ideation, and enhancing client relationships. This move freed them from routine tasks and allowed them to focus on areas where their human creativity could shine.

“I was truly impressed by's customer service within Slack, and their ability to create custom setups and integrations. The speed and proficiency with which they catered to our additional automation needs left me in awe!”

Taylor, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, @Kynship
Taylor, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, @Kynship

Kynship's Automation Goals

Automate maximum of existing processes

Automate as much as possible, freeing the team to focus on more strategic and creative tasks.

Create immediate value for Kynship’s customers

Guarantee that the ads meet the highest standards by correcting potential errors and performance fluctuations.

Reduce dependency on manual labour to set up ads

Enhance the team’s efficiency while managing the increasing demands of expanding business.

Automation at Kynship

The integration of into Kynship's operations has yielded significant improvements. The proportion of ad operations delegated to automation surged from 80% to 95% within the initial two months, effectively replacing the workload of ten people. This shift freed up valuable time for the media buying team, enabling the majority of ad operations to function smoothly on autopilot.'s integration with Dropbox streamlined the process of ad creation, making it more efficient and 95% automated. constantly scans for new assets, launching tests based on existing templates. With the bulk ad creation tool, the Kynship team is now capable of generating and testing more than 1.5K ads per month. The team has also adopted's user-friendly, customizable, and visually engaging creative reporting. Creative reports are updated daily and automatically, promptly providing all stakeholders with valuable insights into ad, directly from a Dropbox folder.

Kynship also incorporated various quality assurance tools. They established a robust system to screen potential ad errors and mistakes. verifies that live ads are set up correctly, running automated checks for UTM parameters, live destination links, ad approval, and budget compliance. The Kynship team immediately gets notified in Slack if some of the ads have an error or performance is off-track.

One of the features of quality assurance automation is the automatic pausing of ads when performance dips. This crucial feature provides peace of mind to the media buying team, allowing them to enjoy their time off without worrying about ad performance.

The team has also implemented’s creative reporting which is easy to understand, customizable, and visually appealing to clients. Creative reports are automatically updated daily, providing all stakeholders quick insights into ad performance.

Kynship continues its collaboration with, constantly exploring new ways to further automate processes, guarantee the highest quality of ad operations, and harness the power of AI to facilitate ad operations.

Bulk ad Creation from Dropbox is constantly scanning for new Dropbox assets and automatically launches creative tests based on ad templates.

Creative Reporting

Easy-to-use, visually appealing reports on ad performance provide rapid insights and are client-friendly.

Automatic Media Upload

Direct media uploads from Dropbox removes the need for humans to download and upload files to the platform.

Ad Quality Assurance

A robust QA system ensuring that only error-free ads are delivered to the target audiences.

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