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Foodspring was one of the first advertisers on Facebook's advertising platform and gained a competitive advantage by successfully doing marketing for years. Finding a solution that allowed them to continue innovating and taking advantage of new opportunities was crucial for a digital marketing pioneer.

  • Manual Reporting Time0h
  • Reduced ads operations by50%
  • Channels integrated7


Foodspring is a sports nutrition & healthy living e-commerce brand that makes your food as tasty and functional as possible. Foodspring was one of the first brands to advertise using Facebook Ad Manager platform, and it has gained a competitive advantage through years of successful marketing strategies and customer retention.

After a few years of exponential scaling, it became apparent that it would be more difficult to maintain the same growth pace. Despite various efforts to boost the Foodspring brand and gain new consumers, its growth in Europe slowed down.

Foodspring wanted to utilize new technologies in their paid social ads to foster creativity and innovation. A solution was required that would allow them to continue innovating and seizing new scaling opportunities right away. The company was searching for a technical solution to automate reporting and get a central location to monitor customer data, as it has 30+ KPIs and custom metrics that need to be monitored daily. Automating reporting was vital for long-term success, as well as finding easier ways to analyze customer data, identify customer trends, and automate ad operations to gain headspace for creative tasks.

"With we can handle tasks that would otherwise require a much bigger team: automated creative reports, and bulk-creating ads across 10+ countries and accounts. The customizability and flexibility of the platform definitely stand out."

Guido, Head of Paid Social, @Foodpsring
Guido, Head of Paid Social, @Foodpsring

Foodspring's automation goals

Automate and integrate reporting

Foodspring is active on seven different advertising platforms. It was crucial to have an overview of the performance of all channels in one place that is easy to understand and customize.

Automate Ads Operation

Save time for channel managers on campaign optimization and prevent human error in adjusting bids and campaign budgets.

Improve creative testing process

Test ads faster, upload assets straight to Ads Manager, and automate insights delivery - all of it aimed to make the creative process more efficient.

Keep the team happy and creative

No one likes doing tedious, non-value tasks. Foodsprinf aimed to automate the majority of them and give the team more time and headspace to work on creative and strategic tasks.

Automation at Foodspring

Foodspring used multiple Kitchn recipes, which allowed the team to decrease the amount of manual campaign optimization by 50% and ad creation efforts by 90%. Automating ad creation and operations allowed the team to focus on ideation and creative testing.

Foodspring's paid social team used a set of automated reporting recipes to build customizable dashboards, each serving a specific purpose: creative, goal tracking, delivery & optimization, and country-specific performance tracker. All Google Sheets marketing reports pull new performance data every 4 hours from seven advertising platforms, decreasing the amount of manual reporting to 0. implemented a direct connection to the Facebook API from the operational Facebook reports to allow changes to the campaigns right from the dashboards. The automation saved lots of time for the channel managers and ensured that no human error was possible.

After implementing recipes, Foodspring was able to monitor the campaign performance faster & effortlessly, spotting the opportunities for scale non-stop. Customizable dashboards allowed the team to innovate faster and save time for important projects such as creative development & customer insights.

Bulk ads creation

Bulk ads creation from GoogleSheets allowed Foodspring to fully automate the ads creation process and immediately start testing when the assets are delivered.

Custom Exports & Dashboards

With the help of Kitchn, the team managed to build custom and centralized dashboards to track all performance data in one place across 7 different channels.

Automated Reports in Slack

To be able to act immediately and take advantage of scaling opportunities, Foodspring receives campaign developments directly in their Slack.

Creative Library

Every ad that is ever running gets screenshotted, automatically matched with performance data and added to a Creative Library.

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