Automating Paid Social Ad Operations

Fluent is a leader in customer acquisition for global brands across a wide array of industries. As such, they connect marketers with consumers who are ready to act, whether that's learning about a brand, installing an app, or making a purchase. Consumers discover and engage with the brands that matter most by receiving relevant content and offers based on preferences and interests. Last year Fluent's paid social team launched around 14K ads on Facebook only and was searching for a solution to upload ads, optimize campaigns, and report on performance faster and more efficiently.

  • Hours saved creating ads218
  • Ads tested8709
  • Faster optimization460%


Fluent's Paid Social team launches, optimizes and reports on thousands of ads across platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat each month. They were maxing out and needed a solution to continue scaling while enabling more time spent on strategic testing. The challenge was that the team was spending hours on repetitive manual tasks each week.

Caleb, Fluent’s Director of Paid Social, believes that immense growth potential comes from testing. He wanted to free up time so his team could spend more effort on creative strategy, competitive research and testing new marketing angles. After reviewing possible solutions, it was clear there were very few tools in the market with the flexibility they needed to address Fluent’s unique business model and internal systems.

Before using Kitchn.io, Fluent’s paid social team used the standard Facebook bulk template for ad creation, but still spent a lot of time manually downloading and uploading ad creatives, pulling reports from different platforms to match up in excel, and logging into various ad accounts to make optimizations in Facebook Ad Manager.

"This year, our paid social efforts grew 250% YoY, thanks to consistent testing and new operational efficiencies. Of course, Kitchn.io has played a big part in that!"

Caleb, Director of Paid Social, @Fluent
Caleb, Director of Paid Social, @Fluent

Fluent's Automation Goals

Allow more time for creative strategy

Spend more time identifying the right kinds of creative that capture the attention of our most valuable audiences.

Minimize manual tasks

Free media buyers from routine operations that take a lot of time.

Set the basis for scale

Standardize processes to scale effortlessly at the right moment.

Test and learn faster

Identify trends and come to faster strategic decision making.

Automation at Fluent

Fluent strategically adopted Kitchn.io as a central tool for paid social operations and processes. The implementation has yielded significant improvements: increased volume of ad testing by +41% and saved 42 hours per week previously spent on manual tasks such as campaign creation, optimization, and reporting.

Fluent started by implementing Kitchn.io’s bulk ad creation recipes for Facebook ads. This new set of automations integrated the Facebook Ad Manager platform with Google spreadsheets to enable the team to easily create both standard ads as well as dynamic creative optimization (DCO) ads directly from a Google sheet. They also set up custom targeting and templates to launch new campaigns with just a few clicks.

Another Kitchn.io recipe that Fluent uses several times a day is the fully automated reporting for Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat. The operational and creative reporting feature provides insights into ad, ad set, and campaign performance. This helps the team make informed divisions and optimize their ad strategies for better results.

Fluent introduced automated scaling solutions, a game-changer for the paid social team. They set up automations to pause non-performing ads and duplicate the best-performing ads into more campaigns and ad sets. This saves time and effort while ensuring the ad performance is maximized.

Finally, Fluent also uses the screenshot library, a collection of screenshots from all ad launches. This library, combined with the creative reporting, is a valuable resource for summarizing and presenting ad performance to key stakeholders of their leadership team. It also helps them identify creative insights faster so they can keep doing more of what works.

Kitchn.io and Fluent constantly work together to further streamline and automate new processes and better the existing ones. This keeps their team free of manual work and ensures highest quality ads operations every day.

Operational and creative reporting

Automated Facebook, Tiktok, and Snapchat for daily optimization, creative testing, and performance overview.

Bulk Ad Creation for Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat

Create thousands of ads directly from a spreadsheet and upload creative assets to ad accounts automatically

Automated Scaling Solutions

Pause underperforming ads, adsets, and campaigns. Automatically add best-performing ad creatives to more campaigns and adsets.

Screenshot Library

Get a preview of every single ad that was launched to create visually appealing creative reports.

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