Enabling scale for a multi-brand company

Celebrate Company, a multi-brand team, has seen substantial growth in their Paid Social campaigns across platforms like Meta and Pinterest. However, managing this growing complexity required more time and effort, leaving less room for strategic initiatives and creative task, which are vital for the success of paid social. To address this challenge, Celebrate Company turned to Kitchn.io and discovered ways to enable scaling by automating a vast array of operations.

  • creative reporting automated90%
  • QA checks/day34
  • Rule-based checks/day100


Celebrate Company has a highly-specialised but small team managing a growing number of brands and ad accounts. Compromising on strategy and creative ideation was never an option for them, so they sought a way to automate the manual processes, eating up their time.

They initially turned to the built-in rules on platforms like Facebook in hopes of streamlining operations, but quickly discovered that this one-size-fits-all solution couldn't accommodate their unique needs and complexities.

They needed a solution that would eliminate redundant manual work and help them focus on scaling their operations across multiple platforms and brands.

"Kitchn.io's creative reporting and screenshot library has been a game-changer for us, it's effectively closed the feedback loop. Our design team is always aware of what performs best and is able to deliver new creative concepts based on performance data."

Julia, Team Lead Paid Social, @Celebrate Company
Julia, Team Lead Paid Social, @Celebrate Company

Celebrate Company's Automation Goals

Implement alerting systems

Ensure that critical performance metrics are monitored 24/7 and errors are fixed before campaign delivery

Enable easier collaboration

Provide automated creative insights and allowe non-technical team members create alerts and benchmarks from a simple sheet

Automate repetitive reporting tasks

enable the team to liberate more time for more strategic and creative endeavours

Automation at Celebrate Company

After integrating Kitchn.io into their workflow, Celebrate Company experienced a transformative shift in their Paid Social operations. To monitor the ads and deliver the highest quality of advertising, the team implemented alert systems for specific campaigns and product categories. This alerting framework has become an essential asset in their real-time decision-making process.

The adoption of a Master Sheet has made the process of creating alerts and benchmarks easier. Team members, irrespective of their familiarity with Kitchn.io, can now adjust rules and triggers directly in this centralized resource.

They were also able to automate an impressive 90% of their creative reporting functions, freeing up invaluable time for strategic and creative initiatives. They now pull essential campaign data available only by Ads Manager API into Google Sheets, thereby eliminating the laborious task of manual data pulling. Moreover, the design team has been empowered to independently assess ad performance, thanks to the Screenshot Library, effectively solving the bottleneck issue that used to affect their collaboration.

In addition to enhanced reporting, the team used bulk ad creation on Pinterest. That improved their operational efficiency and mitigated platform-specific difficulties. They also utilized Kitchn.io's automation features to duplicate successful ads within Meta's platforms, enabling them to scale their advertising reach across different countries effortlessly.

In summary, by automating redundant, non-value work Celebrate company was able to operate more efficiently, scale more effectively, and focus on continuous delivery of innovative marketing strategies.

Alerting systems

The team receives automated updates on KPIs and vital campaign elements. This ensured that no critical changes went unnoticed, allowing for immediate action and bid or budget correction when needed.

Master sheet to manage alerts

Celebrate Company implemented unified dashboard to centralize all their ad alerts and triggers. This allowed non technical team members make changes to the alerts and ad management systems.

Automated insights delivery

Kitchn.io's automated insights feature delivered crucial data directly to the team, plus the data that cannot be analyzed via the conventional Ads Manager frontend but is only available via the API.

Duplication automations

This feature made it easy to replicate high-performing ads across different campaigns or markets, thereby accelerating growth without requiring extra manual effort.

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