Scaling without hiring

As a new player in the digital health space, Bloom was challenged to get scale their marketing efforts in a short time frame.Over the course of collaboration with Kitchn, Bloom was able to scale their Facebook Ads budget to 5x without hiring any additional team members.

  • Budget scaled by500%
  • Ads operations reduced by95%
  • People hired while scaling0


Bloom - The World's First Digital Therapist - is a mental health app that allows people to do the therapy in an easy and affordable way. It incorporates cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques as well as journaling, meditation, mental health exercises & conscious practices to improve the quality of life.

Now, Bloom is a solid member of the top 100 Health & Fitness Apps in the US and reached over 1m downloads and 7K 5-star ratings, getting on a strong trajectory to become one of the leading mental health therapy products in the digital space.

Since Bloom is a young digital health company, it needed to rapidly scale its marketing efforts to get on the right path. Because they ran continuous experiments, they discovered that Facebook ad creative was a large lever and decided to put it at the center of their user acquisition efforts.

The objective of Bloom was to seek out the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective method to test 20+ ad creatives a week without eating up a large portion of the advertising budget. It was also decided to automate a large portion of manual ad operation work related to ad creative to allow the team to spend more time on research and creative brainstorming.

" is my marketing team's superpower. Hiring somebody who can do what can do would have taken months, but now we have world-class tools at our fingertips, without eating into the cost of our media spend."

Taylor, Head of Growth, Bloom
Taylor, Head of Growth, Bloom

Bloom's automation goals

Find fastest way to test 20+ ad creatives a week

Knowing that creatives are the main driver for success on paid social, the goal was to build an efficient creative testing machine

Reduce time spent for reporting

To make the most out of the team's time, as little time as possible should be spent on reporting

Improve feedback loop with designers

To help designers create better creatives, performance learnings should be directly accessible for everyone

Keep team lean and efficient

To be able to stay flexible, Bloom's goal was to not add further team members and rather multiple the existing team members' output

Automation at Bloom

Bloom used several Kitchn recipes, which decreased the amount of manual campaign creation and optimization by 95% - Bulk Ad Creation, Facebook Creative Reporting, and Automated Slack notifications. Automating ad operations allowed the team to focus on ideation and creative testing.

Using Google Sheets to bulk create ads from scratch allowed them to fully automate the ad creation process, which now started as soon as the assets were delivered. During the creative testing process, test results were immediately sent to everyone involved, and the winning ads from the test were uploaded to 'always-on' campaigns within minutes. Every week, every stakeholder working on FacebookAds receives a report with the top test and campaign ads.

Bloom was able to scale their Facebook Ads budget to 5x without hiring any additional team members, thanks to their collaboration with Kitchn. Campaign creation and management efforts were reduced by 95%, and learning from the creative tests was delivered 4x faster.

The team also used custom-built integration to Mixpannel to get better performance and in-app insights, which helped with better campaign planning and data transparency.

Bulk ads creation

Bulk ads creation from GoogleSheets allowed Bloom to fully automate the ads creation process and immediately start testing when the assets are delivered.

Creative Reporting in Sheets

Through constant performance exports from ad platforms as well as screenshots of all ads, designers get direct feedback on how ads perform

Top Ads to Slack

Every week, learnings are sent to everyone involved via Slack so important opportunities can be utilized

Custom Integration with Mixpanel

To make sure actual in-app data can be used, we've built a custom integration to Mixpanel

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