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Python Essentials for Marketers

Learn the basics of Python to help you automate your performance marketing

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About this course

In this course you will learn all Python and programming essentials required to automate your Performance Marketing.
We start by setting up a Python programming environment with modern code editors and explain how to manage your code and share it between multiple developers.
Next, we dive into some details of the language that help you to structure your automations and make parts of them reusable.
By creating tests, we show you how you can ensure that your code is doing what it should.
Further, we show you how using external libraries, such as numpy for calculating statistics, greatly increases productivity.
Once an automation is ready to be used, we show you were and how you can run it. This involves running your code on your own computer, on a computer in the cloud or without a server using a serverless approach.
Finally, in the practice session you can ask us anything while we go through example use cases showing sorting and filtering of data.

Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • Programming: Editors, Runtimes, Version Control, ...
  • Language: Type System, Control Flow, Code Structure, ..
  • Testing: Unit Tests, Integration Tests, Testing Pyramid, Continuous Integration, ...
  • External Libraries: Install, Manage and Version Control External Libraries
  • Deployment: Local, Self-hosted, Cloud-hosted, Serverless, ...
  • Practice: Sorting & Filtering Lists, Basic Statistics


  • You have basic Python knowledge
  • You are interested in software development
  • You want to know how to automate work


Dr. Thomas Fankhauser
- Lecturer for Cloud Services and Internet of Things, Mobile Web Development and App Development at Stuttgart Media University
- Ph.D. in Distributed Systems from University of the West of Scotland
- CEO of system8 GmbH and more than 15 years of experience in IT
- Worked with Kitchn, Filestage, Netflix, Yoose, Daimler, Porsche, ...
Simon Kreienbaum
- Professional Facebook Marketer for over 6 years, having personally spent more than 20M € on Facebook & Instagram Ads
- Helped Asana Rebel scale from 20k to 300k paying subscriber through Facebook Marketing and Automation
- Has taught several courses on Advanced Facebook Marketing techniques

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