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Deep Dive Into the Facebook Marketing API

Learn the secrets to automating the work you do in the Facebook Ads Manager.

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About this course

In this course you will learn everything about the Facebook Marketing API to fully automate your Performance Marketing.
We start by authenticating against the Facebook servers and diving into the different kinds of Facebook tokens with their respective authorization scopes.
Next we analyse the Facebook marketing entities, their hierarchy and relationships such as businesses, ad accounts, campaigns, ad sets, etc. and show how bids and budgets for them can be managed.
Further, we look into the different targeting mechanisms such as custom audiences, lookalike audiences, behavioural & index targeting, demographic targeting and geographic targeting.
Using Ad Studies, we show how to create and run experiments to measure your campaigns' efficiency and test the impact of different audience types, delivery optimization techniques, ad placements, ad creative, budgets and more.
Finally, in the practice session we look at a typical automation loop that extracts data from the API, analyzes it to calculate necessary changes and executes those changes in a repeated fashion.
This will prepare you to setup and run your own, highly customized automation.

Course Contents

  • Authentication & Authorization: OAuth2, User Tokens, Ad Tokens
  • Entities: Business, Ad Account, Campaign, Ad Set, Ad, (Ad creative & formats)
  • Bid & Budget Management
  • Targeting: Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, Behavioural & Interest, Demographic, Geographic
  • Ad Studies: Split testing, Cells, Conversion Lift Measurement
  • Automation Practice: Extract, Analyze, Act, repeatSplit testing, Cells, Conversion Lift Measurement


  • You know how to code and programming should be part of your day job
  • You have worked with APIs before
  • Ideally , you have a basic understanding of Online Marketing


Dr. Thomas Fankhauser
- Lecturer for Cloud Services and Internet of Things, Mobile Web Development and App Development at Stuttgart Media University
- Ph.D. in Distributed Systems from University of the West of Scotland
- CEO of system8 GmbH and more than 15 years of experience in IT
- Worked with Kitchn, Filestage, Netflix, Yoose, Daimler, Porsche, ...
Simon Kreienbaum
- Professional Facebook Marketer for over 6 years, having personally spend more than 20M € on Facebook & Instagram Ads
- Helped Asana Rebel scale from 20k to 300k paying subscriber through Facebook Marketing and Automation
- Has taught several courses on Advanced Facebook Marketing techniques

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