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Workflow Builder

Automate Literally Anything

Built on top of a powerful workflow engine, allows marketers to automate all of their work in a powerful drag-and-drop environment.

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No-code/low-code for Performance Marketing enables you to build automations and standardize your workflow without the need for code. But if you need it, use scripts, remote functions, webhooks and connect to any API. Workflow Sample

Why you will love it...

Head with workflow inside

Stay in control with your unique business logic

Only you know the exact processes and SOPs your business runs on. Customize software to match your processes instead of buying off-the-shelf.

Automations box

Customize any of's automation recipes

Get started with 30+ existing automation recipes to solve common use cases. Then iterate towards what truly works for your team.

People looking at big box

Empower your team to automate all of their repetitive work

Instill a mindset of automation-first and get the whole team to ideate and benefit from new automations across their whole work.

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Connecting nodes manually

Drag-and-drop builder

Build a workflow in minutes from scratch on a blank canvas with out drag-and-drop builder.

Automation folder

Module library

Use all of our 300+ nodes and pre-built modules (i.e. node groups) to be productive within hours.

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Use APIs, webhooks, cloud functions & scripts

Extend functionality beyond our low-code environment with scripts and cloud functions or by connecting to other services via webhooks or APIs.

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Widget view for non-technical users

Simple drop-down selects and input fields to make non-technical users feel comfortable using your automation.

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Spend more time on what matters

We help agencies and brands to save hundreds of hours, avoid mistakes and gain headspace for the tasks that truly deserve human attention: Developing Creatives, working on strategy or improving your own processes and systems.

Build A Well-Oiled Performance Marketing Machine