Get peace of mind with automated QA for your Performance Marketing

Enable monitoring & continuous health checks across all campaigns.
Stop costly mistakes, don't waste ad spend and keep your ROAS high.

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Apply best practices across the whole organization

Set up alerts to monitor entire ad accounts or individual campaigns. Automate your QA checklist.

Catch errors before they cost you money

Simple errors can have serious consequences if they go undetected. Especially if you're spending clients' money. Prevent expensive mistakes by using our automated quality check system.

Get smart, actionable notifications

Errors can happen at any time. That’s why SafetyNet alerts you on Slack, Email or SMS when something needs your attention - and helps you fix it in no time.

Works across major ad platforms

Whether you run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google or Snapchat, we make sure your campaigns stay error-free across the board.

Every now and then my clients' pixel events stop firing without anyone noticing. That messes up Retargeting and sometimes even Facebook's event optimization. With SafetyNet's automated QA system I am now instantly notified and can solve the issue asap.

– Jeremy Richter,
Owner of Paid Social agency growthartig

Stop wasting money on avoidable mistakes. Get a SafetyNet.