A visual report of your top peforming Facebook ads directly in Google Sheets and Slack

Understand the top performing ads per campaign or adset by seeing screenshots and statistics of your live Facebook ads in a Google Spreadsheet or delivered in slack.
Just select an Ads Account and let our automations do the magic.

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Know what your best performing ads look like

Main reporting tools ignore the importance of creatives when it comes to determining the success of an ad. With our tool you can compare your best ads and close the creative feedback loop.

Reach your goals faster by comparing your best ads side by side

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Compare screenshots of your best ads side by side

See the ads exactly how your audience does, side by side and complemented with their performance metrics.

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Break down performance by account, campaign or adset

Use the filters to select the range of your account where you want to see performance measured. You will have an updated list in seconds.

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Get screenshots and data ready for reporting

Fill the easy-to-use Google Sheets template. 1 Row equals 1 ad. If you like, choose to create new adsets or campaigns on fly.

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slack messages with ads reporting

Get visual, easy to read reports on slack

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Your 5 best performing ads, directly on a slack message

Pick a custom timeframe and get a slack message with a mini-report on each of the 5 top performing ads of your account

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Need to make changes? Just click a button

Each ad has a quick link to the ads editor in the Facebook Ads Manager. If something seems off, you can just edit that ad with one click.

See it in action

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"With the power of Kitchn.io's Bulk Ad Creation and relentless testing we grew from 0 to $500k in monthly revenue in just 12 months. Without hiring additional marketers. It exceeded all our expectations and goals." 

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Leon, CEO @ Bloom

Get visual reporting, no matter how many ads you have, starting at €200/mo

Includes fullfunctionality for one ad account.
  • Get 10% off yearly payments
  • Monthly subscription possible
  • Cancel any time
  • Access to video tutorials and tips
  • Access to dozens of other recipes & use cases
  • Continuously supporting more ad formats