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Create 100+ Facebook ads from a Google Sheet

Prepare hundreds of ads directly in Sheets by adding headlines, texts, links and media links. Upload and create without opening Ads Manager.

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Save lots of time creating Facebook ads in bulk

Can you use Google Sheets?
Then you can use our Bulk Ads Creation.

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Set up your template

You will get a spreadsheet template which you will need to fill in to create ads. Each column represents an ad's attribute: headlines, texts, media links, landing pages, call-to-actions, names etc.

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No manual video & image upload

Upload images and videos directly from URL, Google Drive or Dropbox. No more waiting for Facebook to encode that 50MB video ad.

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1 Row = 1 Ad

Fill the easy-to-use Google Sheets template. 1 Row equals 1 ad. If you like, choose to create new adsets or campaigns on fly.

Different rows of a spreadsheet turning into ads
Different variants of the same ads in a spreadsheet showing results for testing

Scaling becomes as simple as copy & pasting rows.

Test any major ad format

We support static ads, video ads and carousel ads. Using different assets for Stories and Feed or even Dynamic Creative Optimization? We got you covered, too!

The perfect tool for testing

The perfect tool for testing different copy or creatives! Just copy/paste the row, make a small change, repeat.

"With the power of Kitchn.io's Bulk Ad Creation and relentless testing we grew from 0 to $500k in monthly revenue in just 12 months. Without hiring additional marketers. It exceeded all our expectations and goals." 

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Create as many ads as you want
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Includes fullfunctionality for one ad account.
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