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Why you should standardize you processes if you want to scale your...


Why you should standardize you processes if you want to scale your...

...well, anything.

(But particularly your Performance Marketing.)

As a company focused on automating Performance Marketing operations (i.e. the work required to create, upload and manage a ton of Facebook ads) quite a few business approach us asking whether we can help automate a wide range of differnet processes. Sometimes we've helped our customers with a similar problem before and we have an "automation recipe" for it, but sometimes we haven't seen the challenge before.

Whenever a new automation idea comes up, we ask our customers to describe their existing workflow in detail first. Of course, we can't expect a machine to magically follow a workflow if you don't "explain" it in painstaking detail.

Too many people think they can simply go from making decisions based on gut feeling only to full automation.

(To be fair, maybe in the future some super-smart AI watching your every move will be able to spot "hidden" patterns in your work.)

But for now, standardized manual processes always come before automation.

Any fast scaling business has got this down. Gorillas CEO recently made a point in a message about their Q2 achievements that they mapped out every single process in their business. Success is not chance when you know exactly what you need to do to deliver results.

In Performance Marketing, we often get lazy and sometimes are too proud to follow a standardized process. Making decision "in the moment" based on intuition - especially if it works - feels pretty good.

And while that does work if you don't plan on hiring more people getting the same results or automating parts of your repetitive work so that you can focus on the more high value tasks.

Here's how you should go from "doing things randomly" to automation:

1. Do things adhoc
2. Document process that works
3. Test it with others
4. Iterate process
5. Be really sure that the "rules" are clear
6. Automate

What areas should you standardize (and then automate) first?

1. Naming, Tracking & Reporting: If you don't follow the same structures every time, getting, analysing and even trusting your data gets 10x harder and makes automation impossible.

2. Creative Testing Process: Stay organized with your folder structures and follow the same process from creative ideation to uploading your ads. Find out the best days of the week to start new tests and stick to them.

3. Creative Testing Campaign Structure: Whether you upload ads into existing adsets, create new adsets in an existing campaign or create a new campaign - know what structure works best for you.

4. Performance Evaluation: What does a "winning" ad look like to you? Are you biased when it was your own idea? Make sure to have specific metrics and rules that you follow. If you notice yourself "over-ruling" them, go back and check.