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Does it makes sense to get an expensive automation software...or ?


Does it makes sense to get an expensive automation software...or ?

....shall I just hire someone to hand over the operation? Have you already asked yourself this question?

In Kitchn.io we strongly believe that automation is the future. Simple repetitive tasks are super easy for computers to do, and since managing employees is more time-consuming than managing a computer, it doesn’t always make sense to hire juniors for smaller tasks. If you are not thinking about automation yet, here's some reason to start:

If you track the time you spend on various tasks, you will be amazed how much some processes cost you

First, log how much time is spent on each task. Next, look at the charts to see where the time goes, either up or down. It will become very easy to spot trends, like when one day a week you spend more time on a certain type of task than another.

Or you might notice patterns that indicate that you are clearly spending too much time doing something you never thought was worth a huge proportion of your time. These statistics will help you understand where your time is going and essentially how expensive they turn out to be.

For many tasks, you don't even need (expensive) human input

Meaning that you can invest the available human resources somewhere else. Most of the tasks that require a human brain are the ones that require some kind of strategic thinking or creative ideation (such as generating the ideas for the new ads or developing a new market entry strategy). Simpler, more repetitive tasks can be done more cheaply and efficiently by a computer, which can, in turn, reduce costs for the company. It's worthwhile at least evaluating whether it makes sense to outsource them to the machines.

Manual mistakes cost you money

In business, this can be in the form of lost opportunities or money you could have earned had things gone smoothly.  Mistakes are inevitable in any job, including performance marketing. But the probability that you will make more mistakes doing uninteresting, repetitive tasks raises drastically.

Firing your entire marketing department in favor of automation after reading this post might not be the best idea(and you should definitely NOT do it), but what definitely is, giving a possibility to your team members to invest their time learning and working on impactful projects instead of a copy-pasting tasks.