Case Study

Foodspring used automated reporting recipes to monitor the custom KPIs, take immediate action directly from a dashboard & identify the opportunities for growth non-stop.

100% to 10%

of manual
reporting effort


less campaign management


reduced risk of manual error


The Story

Foodspring is a premium sports nutrition & healthy living e-commerce brand, specializing in making your food not only tasty but as functional as it can be. As a pioneer of digital marketing, Foodspring was one of the first advertisers on Facebook's advertising platform and generated a competitive advantage over years of successful marketing.

Despite the strong brand & acquisition efforts, after some years of exponential growth in the European markets, it became evident that growing at the same speed is becoming more challenging.

foodspring girl drinking protein shake

The Goal

As a highly innovative and user-centric company, Foodspring's goal was to implement cutting-edge technology in their Performance Marketing. It was crucial to find a solution that allows them to keep innovating as well as utilizing new opportunities immediately.

With a complex set of 30+ KPIs and custom metrics to monitor daily, Foodspring was looking for a way to automate reporting as well as allowing a central place to analyze customer data, identify customer trends and apply changes to the ad platforms right away.

purple dashboard

The Solution

With, Foodspring's paid social team used a set of automated reporting recipes to build customizable dashboards, each serving a specific purpose: creative, goal tracking, delivery & optimization, country-specific, etc. Direct connection to the API was implemented to allow changes to the campaigns right from the dashboards which saved lots of time for the channel managers and ensured that no human error was possible.

kitchn automations generating dashboards

The Success

After implementing recipes, Foodspring was able to monitor the campaign performance faster & effortlessly, spotting the opportunities for scale non-stop.

Customizable dashboards allowed the team to innovate faster and save time on important projects such as creative development & customer insights.

  • 100% to 0% of manual reporting effort

  • 2x less campaign management

  • 5x reduced risk of manual error

result numbers

Recipes used

alarm bell
Recipe 1

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Recipe 2

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Recipe 3

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